The Kids Went to the Zoo
The Zoo Wanted to Keep Them

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Here's the Monkey House, and it Looks Like a Couple of Monkeys Got Loose And They're Walking Down the Sidewalk

Oh No, Aunt Natalie's Trying to Feed One of the Critters, She'd Better Be Careful, Those Things Bite!!!

Here We Have the American Tongue-Sticking-Out Eagle Soaring by the Zebras.

Here We See Tiffany Hugging A Ferocious Bailey Bear. Look Out Tiff, Those Things Can Turn Mean in a Hurry!

Here We Have a Fine Example of the Endangered Cunningham Bat, Easily Identified By the "Too Cool For School" Shades

And Here's the North American Squatting Critter.

This is a Farmer Who Helps Care for the Animals, and In His Spare Time He Raises the Most Goofy Looking Flowers You've Ever Seen.

This Strange Two Headed Farmer Is In Charge of the Horses At the Zoo.

The Twins Had a Great Time At the Zoo, Unfortunately We Weren't Able To Get Any Pictures of Them, Just Some of the Strange Animals They Saw