They Ain't Kids... They're Fish

Blake and Bailey invited their cousins Tonya and Tiffany over for a swim party and Aunt Natalie decided to shoot pictures. Turns out the twins love to put their heads under the water and let someone push them across the pool. You should see Blake climb the ladder all by himself. These two really love the water.

Smile Blake, You're on Candid Camera!

The Crocodile hunter is nothing compared to Bailey when Tonya is with her. But look at Mama's arm, her hand has done been bit off by the Giant Galiator.

Tonya looks scared to death on the back of that galiator, but the one that should be scared is the rubber duckie whose beak is about to be bitten off by Bailey.


Pooh Bear making motor boat noises for Daddy

Mama, this duck is talking to me. I'm hearing voices. HELP ME!!!!

Mel Gibson just wishes he was this cute

I was eating this really delicous swimming pool, and I got some stuck in my teeth right here.

Just Chillin' in the pool

I couldn't come up with a goofy caption for this picture.

Mama's not paying attention right now, I'm gonna catch a quick nap.

Bye Bye Pool, I'll be back tomorrow.

Got our bath, got our jammies on, it's time for bed.