Stephanie had me drive her to Cabot so she could buy a new miniature horse, because we all know three minis just aren't enough. Here are a few pictures of Peaches moving to her new home.

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Peaches with her brother.

Mom and Dad, Dad's the hippy. Isn't he pretty?

She's heading out of the barn, not sure about where she's going.

NO, NO, I don't wanna get in that trailer, did you see whose driving?

These eyes will just melt your heart!

Puddin' is noticing there's a new horse in the barn, Punkin' and Pickles don't care.

Puddin' tends to be the mothering type, so we're hoping she'll be mothering to Peaches. Puddin' looks a lot like Peaches' mother, hopefully that counts for something in the horse world.

Peaches new home for the next couple of weeks. Once she gets used to being here she'll get to run with the other horses.

Puddin', you take good care of the new baby.