Our Canada 2013 Trip


Natalie and I took Mom and Dad to Canada for just over a week in late August, and here are some of the pictures we took. Eight years earlier Nat and I took the girls on basically the same route we took this time. Last time we saw lots of animals, this time was disappointing in the animal search. We caught a glimpse of a bear, but not enough to get a picture, saw two deer (we have more than that in our back yard), a couple of sheep, a coyote, and a few squirrels and chipmunks. On a much happier note, we had dinner with Nat's Cousin Geri and her husband Miles, we suprised her cousin Sherry at her restaurant, and spent two nights with Cousin Coreena and her husband Roy. We also spent time with Coreena's two brats Joey, and Chris. All in all it was an incredible trip, Mom and Dad can't wait to go back to the family reunion, even though they aren't related by blood.

I hope you enjoy the pics, Natalie shot most of them, the really good ones anyway.


Hope, BC to Canmore, Alberta

Canmore, Alberta

Banff, Alberta

Lake Louise, Alberta

Crow Foot Glacier

Peyto Lake

Highway Toward Rocky Mountain House

Saskatchewan Crossing

From the Crossing to Jasper

Jasper to Prince George

Prince George


To Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate

Back To The US