Prince George


When we got to Prince George the only family that knew we were coming was Nat's cousin Coreena. The first stop was at Cousin Sherry's restaurant. She had no idea Natalie was even in the country until we got there. Natalie had told me it was a diner, home cooked type meals. She was right, but the food was great and the dining room was as nice as a large fancy restaurant. Sherry was shocked and so happy to see Natalie again. After we ate we went to Coreena's house for two nights, they were so great for letting us stay, of course they said we'd be in trouble if we hadn't stayed with them. The full day we were there you'll never guess it but Mom and Natalie went shopping with Coreena. We took two suitcases to Canada and brought back 5 and several extra bags to carry on the plane. Here are some pictures of Sherry, Coreena, her two brats Joey and Chris, and just some of the great time we had. Coreena's parents even came over for supper one night.

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