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Welcome to my little corner of the net. This is just a site I have to show off pictures and stories about my family, and the things I enjoy doing. This page is a work in progress, it'll never be finished, and knowing me it will probably go many months at a time without updates. There will be stuff here about Cowboy Action Shooting (SASS), and about my children, and my niece and nephew (the twins) and just anything else that I take a notion to talk about. So sit back, pour a large glass of iced tea, and let me share with you the many ways God has blessed me and my family.

Cowboy Action Shooting




Congo Road Valentine Banquet 2020

Boss Hawgs Playin' in the Mud

Easter 2017

Austin and Chelsea Hall's Wedding

Law Enforcement Banquet 2016

Three Weeks in the UK

Easter 2016

Law Enforcement Banquet 2015

Homecoming 2015

Easter 2015

Niblet and His New BFF Ace


Snow Day February 2015

My Attempt at Art

Our Christmas Trees 2014

Law Enforcement Banquet 2014

Peaches, the story of a beautiful horse

The Infamous Twins

4 Wheelin' Misadventure

My Girls

Easter 2014

Thanksgiving in Florida 2013

Canada 2013

Easter 2013

Dauphin Island 2011

Snow Days 2011

Easter Egg Hunting 2011

My Back Yard

Campaloosa 2010

Round One
Round Two
Round Three, Natalie's Surprise Birthday Party
Round Four Halloween

The Girls at Cape Cod

Places I've Been

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